Exclusive Elrond DeFi suite

PROTEO is an Exclusive Elrond Defi Suite, and takes advantage of the robustness of the Maiar DEX to carry out operations. It expands the possibilities of the DEX with new products for investors that add value to the DEX’s already established solid tools..

· 8 big things about PROTEO · 

Reserving Value Through Scarcity

The initial supply of the PROTEO token is 3.5M and will never exceed 20M.


A Strong Treasury Plan

The Proteo DAO will have a well-diversified treasury, with popular Maiar DEX LP’s, eGLD, MEX and of course PROTEO tokens. 


Intelligent Liquidity Management

The Proteo DAO platform will sell PROTEO Bonds for eGLD or MEX, allowing investors to buy at a discount.


An Intensive Burning Process

There will be several fee points designed to burn tokens, plus all MEX earned by treasury Maiar DEX farms will be used to purchase PROTEO, which will be burned.



Advanced Autostaking

The Proteo AUTOstake pool will allow you to auto-compound. This means your staked PROTEO compounds without you doing anything, automatically. You save time and fees in the process.


Innovative Lending

You will be able to use sPROTEO (your share of the AUTOstake pool) as collateral to request a loan. While you enjoy your newly borrowed funds, you continue increasing your PROTEO holdings.


Special Proteo Raffles

There will be two types of raffles, with big prizes and super fun moments every 15 days.


The Finest Complement to the Maiar DEX

Proteo is not designed to compete with the innovations of the Maiar DEX, we are here to complement them. Our Treasury will always trust and utilize MEX and eGLD assets.

Docs ProteoDefi

All you need to know about PROTEO can be found in our Docs. An constant updated application to help you to dive easily into the complex world of DeFi.

· General info about PROTEO
· Tokenomics explained with detail
· Review of all the modules of our defi suite
· Guides to help you operate in ProteoDefi
· Faq's to solve any doubt 

2022 in progress

Stay tuned, we are working on...


We have some short term milestones those next months:

Proteo nominees Single Asset Farms
HyperNFTs Campaign
Proteo Bonds testnet
Proteo Bonds Activation


We have launched our LP farms

Learn how to start farming on PROTEOdef

Proteo Whitepaper


To understand what is PROTEO you can start reading our Docs site, our always updated whitepaper. 

> Go to Docs

Proteo Elite

Exclusive advantages

Being a PROTEO Elite member will give you exclusive advantages in our DeFi suite. Autostake enought amount of PROTEO to obtain more than 500 sPROTEO and you'll be automatically Elite. 

Learn more here

Elite Farms

An Elite is a king in Proteo who has above 500 sPROTEO holdings. Virtually anyone can be an Elite, though it will become more difficult to do so over time. Elite farms are Exclusive pools where Proteo Elites can farm and receive exclusive rewards depending solely on the amount of sPROTEO over 500 that the Elite holds.

Discover our Elite Farms >   

· Meet Our Team ·

Mario Roldán


Sergi Valero

CEO Moonlorian


Social Media Admin


Telegram Admin

José F. Aznar

Tokenomics Expert

Ricardo Núñez



Social Media Admin


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Esteban Hidalgo


Ángel Culebras

CMO Moonlorian


Telegram Admin


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